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Jaguars News · Pom Tryout Information for 2017-2018 School Year

Pom Tryouts Packet 2017-2018

Information for Tryouts – 

Tryout Clinics:  Northwest High School Back Gym

Tuesday, May 30                                             3:30-5:30pm

Wednesday, May 31                                        3:30-5:30 pm

Thursday, June 1                                             3:30-5:30 pm

Please Note: You may want to bring a blank cd to the clinics so that we can burn a copy of the music for you to take home to practice the routine.

Tryouts:  Northwest High School Dance Studio

 Friday, June 2                                                  3:30- ?

Please note: There may by call backs. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you stay the entire time.

Forms and Permission Slips:

Everyone attending the first day of tryout clinics MUST have had a physical examination within the last year in order to participate in the clinics and tryouts.

All forms will be turned into the Athletic Director after tryouts.

To be Turned in the First Day of Clinics: (forms can be downloaded on the NWHS Athletic Website)

  • Health Inventory (“Physical”), MCPS Form SRS-6
  • Student – Parent Athletic Participation Contract and Parent Permission Form
  • Medical Card for Athlete, MCPS Form 560-30
  • MSDE Concussion Awareness and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Parent / Student-Athlete Acknowledgement Statement
  • Pre-participation Head Injury / Concussion Reporting Form for Extracurricular Activities

Forms provided in this packet:

  • Current grade verification form
  • Pom Information Form
  • Constitution Agreement

Please note: If students come to the clinics without the forms, they will have to sit and watch. If they still do not have these forms on the day of tryouts, they will not be able to tryout.